Coming in January and February 2020

Choose from two weekend classes

in stone carving at the 

Jamestown Arts Center 

Coming February 17 to RISD Continuing Ed/Young Artists

Teen Class: Carving Soapstone Amulets! 

Carve a little piece of magic to wear! Whether it's a charm on a bracelet or a talisman from Japan, a pharaoh's jewelry or a tiny totem from the American Southwest, small sculptures that are worn for protection or to show status are part of many world cultures. Your soapstone or alabaster charm will be incorporated with fiber, beads and leather to create your personal, wearable amulet. On the way, we will investigate tiny masterpieces and learn a little about the history of amulets and talismans. Bring your lunch, a cold drink and your good ideas!.

FAQ First Time Stone Carving Class

Class in Studio- 30 Cutler Street, Warren!

April 4 and 5 and/or April 18 and 19

Weekend long class in my studio,, perfect for beginners or for finishing up a sculpture previously begun in an earlier class. Each of two weekend days, six hours- 9 am to 4 pm with a nice long lunch break. Ample parking close at hand, many great restaurants for take out or a quick sandwich within walking distance. Contact me directly at for further details. Class will be available for purchase on line on Facebook. Minimum number is 3 to run a class, so invite a friend! max is 5 each class, so lots of individual attention! $125 plus materials fee for additional stone if required. 

Spring 2020


Weekend Stone Carving Workshop 

at Blackstone River Theatre May 2-3! 


A special favorite is back! Blackstone River Theatre will offer a two-day class in Celtic Relief Stone carving in Limestone for beginners, outside, behind the Blackstone River Theatre.  Saturday, May 2 AND Sunday, May 3, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day- Teenagers (age 16 and up), college students and adults are all welcome and no experience is required. (Note: I am able to accommodate students who have taken this class in the past and want to build on their skills!) A maximum of 10 students will be allowed- sign up now to ensure your spot; e mail Blackstone River Theatre for more info and see further details here. 

Learn to carve stone


Relief carving or carving in a softer material like soapstone are effective ways to explore the tools and possibilities of stone carving.  I have years of background in teaching the basics to beginners from age 13 to senior citizens. Many visual references assist the process.  Included will be plenty of stone lore, tips for scrounging up materials, and techniques including polishing and finishing. Stonecarving is one of humanity’s most intrinsically satisfying arts, a timeless skill to be acquired with pride. You’re bound to take a real sense of accomplishment away from one of these classes.  Students should be able to finish a sample and a larger carving in a one week class, or one, possibly two small carvings in one weekend. Soapstone carving in the round is also available at some of the classes.


Stone Carving Class or Workshop

for Any Organization, Group or Program


Veteran, credentialed teacher of Visual Art, listed on the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts Education Artist Roster,  designing programs in stone carving for summer camps, school age children from age 10 up, and adults in a wide range of settings. Programs designed and implemented with Rhode Island teachers, schools, and community organizations may be eliglible for funding through RISCA. Please check Creative Ground for more details, and feel free to contact me  with your ideas for a class or workshop in locations around New England or further afield. 



Enroll in a Weekend Workshop at 30 Cutler Street in the Studio

choose April 4-5 

or April 18-19

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