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Welcome! Crios/Cross is dedicated to "little Irish weavings", the traditional Brigid Crosses made for centuries in Ireland, and the handwoven belts called 'Crios' (pronounced 'kriss') once a staple of workaday gear in the Aran Islands, here made up in wool or cotton in contemporary as well as traditional colors. Every item is individually hand made by me. Your questions are welcome! see below to join my email list or ask for a special order- you choose the colors and widths on the belts, or the paper and ribbon colors for an order of 5 or more Brigid Crosses. 

All the best! - Laura Travis

Vintage Galway -Traditional Irish Handwoven Crios or scarf

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Heathery purples with white, rose, black and blue join one great sage yarn in this rich color scheme, inspired by a vintage 70’s crios lent by a friend. This crios or sash is ready to send, Cotton yarns combine in a generous, eight foot long, 3.5 inch wide belt.... As a scarf, it is is light in weight and soft against the skin, with a tied fringe. It would pair beautifully with your wool pea jacket or a knitwear dress.

Here is my original take on an ancient form. I make my criosanna and the somewhat wider scarves from cotton or acrylic yarns for easy washing. My specialty is to offer this traditional belt in fashionable and muted colors and black, sometimes embellished or with creative fringe, to coordinate with a contemporary wardrobe, jeans or special occasion dressing. This belt is ready to ship, but if you have other ideas, I would be delighted to make one to order with your choice of colors and textures. Every crios or scarf is shipped with a descriptive card, and gift wrapping is available.

The ancient crios was worked in wool often featuring the classic off-white yarns favored for sweaters, and if you’d like the most traditional version I will make it to order.

In the Aran Isles, the weaving of belts from spare lengths of wool survived as time-honored craft which originally extended back into the earliest times as a way to secure robes or trousers. The classic traditional “crios" (pronounced kris) was almost nine feet long! The handwoven crios became popular as a craft once again in the Ireland of the 1960’s and was featured in the classic “Traditional Crafts of Ireland” (1984).

Criosanna are popular for “handfasting” as part of a wedding ceremony, where the intended couples’ hands are gently joined with a crios wrapped around. They are a lovely, personal gift for men or women who are interested in Irish heritage, and are adaptable for width and length to suit any age or size.

All criosanna are hand woven by me personally, and will have the odd slub or bump; these are to be expected in a handcrafted item. When washing, do so by hand and gently block the shape to dry.
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